Guatemala diaries: Hotel Catamaran

416428408After lunch391 we get ready to go to the hotel on the water, Hotel Catamaran ( a name that comes from my language, Tamil, meaning’piece of wood”) and we pass little children on boats who stop us for candy and other children try to sell us necklaces!  We look around for any candy to give the children and we cross a bridge and stop on the way to see a fort built by the spanish.  It is called Castillo de San Felipe (castle of St. Phillip)This is like a fort built by the spanish to prevent any attacks from pirates  in 1652.

We finally reach our hotel. It is very rustic and we all have different cottages with names like ‘eco’ , ‘julia’ ‘hotel’ ( whoever thought of these names must have had limited imagination:hotel??)  I feel like I am on a cruise or RV and decide to catch up on the past day’s writing. But I also want   to see what the others were up to and join everyone at the bar area. We seem to be the big group there making the maximum noise and sharing the raunchiest jokes. The afternoon passes into evening and I  go to the restaurant area for dinner. Our inebriated group accompanies me to the dining area and we order food. I think we had a lot of fun that evening knowing we would all go our separate ways in two days. I really did get to know our group well and we got along, it doesn’t always happen this way.  I go to sleep that night thinking I will be swaying and rocking only to be constantly awakened by the sound of power boats roaring by.


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